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Centralized SAN for Interruption-Free Coverage of 2010 FIFA World Cup Powered by QLogic Stackable Switches
Bell Micro Partner Mediatec Trusts QLogic Storage Networking Solutions for International Broadcast Center's Central Storage Area Network

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Jun 28, 2010 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) --

QLogic Corp. (Nasdaq:QLGC) today announced that its 5802V Series Fibre Channel stackable switches are providing the backbone of the International Broadcast Center's (IBC) storage area network (SAN) at the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament in Johannesburg, South Africa.

QLogic(R) 5820V Series Fibre Channel switches, the linchpin between the integrated Apple Xsan server and Promise VTrak E-Class RAID storage systems, handle the continuous high-speed exchange of audio-visual data for the IBC. The 8Gb Fibre Channel 5802V's high data transfer rate ensures that the IBC's 55 editing desks can simultaneously access all audio-visual data at any time, essential for real-time editing, and more importantly for the uninterrupted transmission of television coverage around the world.

The storage systems on the IBC's 8Gb Fibre Channel SAN are connected by eight QLogic 20-port 5802V Fibre Channel stackable switches configured in two four-switch stacks via QLogic's innovative 20Gb Fibre Channel inter-switch links (ISLs). The two fabrics provide the redundancy, high reliability and availability necessary for uninterrupted communication between server systems and storage. To address performance requirements, the QLogic 5802V-based fabric leverages Fibre Channel multi-pathing technology for optimized load sharing.

Close Collaboration with Mediatec and Bell Micro

The IBC is the data hub at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. All video captured by the 29 to 32 cameras installed in each of the nine stadiums -- for the first time ever in high resolution HDTV format -- are sent to the IBC, where it is edited and thereafter broadcast to TV stations all around the globe. Host Broadcast Services AG (HBS), the host broadcaster of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, is in charge of the production of 2,200 hours of total coverage including transfer to the broadcast rights-holders in individual countries, and it cannot afford any blackouts or interruptions in transmission during this rather significant sporting event.

Interruption-free broadcasting of the games places the highest demands on the IBC's technical equipment, making high-performance, highly-reliable systems a must. To assure coverage without breaks, HBS entrusted Mediatec, a system integrator located in Cologne, Germany, with planning, testing and installation of all the technical equipment at the IBC as well as providing ongoing support during the games. Mediatec, a recognized broadcast expert, and Bell Micro, one of the world's largest storage-centric, value-added distributors, have orchestrated an infrastructure that delivers the highest standards of reliability, system performance and data availability, and have laid the foundation for continuous soccer fun in countries all around the globe.

QLogic Switches' High Performance Got Them in the Game

QLogic 5802V Fibre Channel stackable switches were selected by virtue of their innovative product design, high performance, high availability, and affordability. The unique stackability feature of the 5802V Series enables the switches to be interconnected easily and cost-effectively via four dedicated 20Gb ISLs. The stacking advantage ensures that no 8Gb switch ports are sacrificed for connecting switches, but rather are entirely available for server and storage connectivity. 20Gb ISL connectivity is available as an easy-to-activate license option via software key. When upgraded, each 20Gb stacking connection can handle inter-switch traffic of up to three 8Gb links running at full speed.

In combination with QLogic's Virtual Lane technology, which automatically pools multiple stack-interconnects to form a single, virtual lane between stackable switches, available bandwidth can be increased up to 100Gb. Deployment of the QLogic 5802V Series Fibre Channel Switches therefore increases SAN performance while simultaneously lowering cabling, interconnect and administration complexity. This reduces Capex and -- even more importantly today -- Opex, as well; criteria which played a major role in the selection of this technical infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup.

About Bell Microproducts Inc.

Bell Microproducts (Nasdaq:BELM) is an international, value-added distributor of a wide range of high-tech products, solutions and services, including storage systems, servers, software, computer components, and peripherals, as well as maintenance and professional services. An industry-recognized specialist in storage products, this Fortune 1000 company is one of the world's largest storage-centric value-added distributors. In 2010, the Company celebrated the sale of its 100 millionth hard disk drive, setting a significant industry milestone.

Bell Microproducts is uniquely qualified with deep technical and application expertise to service a broad range of information technology needs. From design to deployment, its products are available at any level of integration, from components to subsystem assemblies and fully-integrated, tested and certified system solutions. More information can be found in the Company's SEC filings, or by visiting the Bell Microproducts website at

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